Financial Services Consulting:

We understand the setback to numerous great ideas and economic projects – finance – both for liquidity and for capital projects. We also understand how issues of taxation could make or break a firm. We have therefore designed services that ease organizations through financial dilemmas and such services include:

  • Tax Consulting and Audit: We handle all issues related to taxation, returns, filing and financial audit. Our consultants and auditors are licensed to help organization remit their exact tax liabilities as well as take decision that are favourable to their business. In addition, we carry out financial statement audit which represents the strength and financial capability of the organization. The credibility of audit reports is important for your investor confidence and we do not take it for granted.
  • Capital Funding: SCIRO provides access to capital funding for businesses for medium – long term needs. The funding program can guarantee low repayment interest rates between 2.5 – 5%. Our funding focus include companies in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Real Estate, Maritime and Oil & Gas industries.
  • Project Financing: We broker financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial and public service projects using a non-recourse or limited recourse financial model. This helps the private sector (and the public sector as well) to finance major projects off-balance sheet. With our robust network, we secure pretty low repayment rates. Our focus for project financing are those projects that have a far reaching socio-economic impact.


SCIRO makes it easy for new firms to enter into the oil & gas, maritime sector in Nigeria. We assist in the providing all the requirements needed for operating, delivering services in the industry and everything in between. Our services include:


  • Registration, Licensing, Audit and Documentation: We handle all registration with DPR, NIPEX, NCDMB and NNPC. We obtain all the relevant statutory documents including permits, licenses, certificates and approvals for operations in Nigeria.
  • Tender and Bid Response: We handle technical and commercial bid responses for all kinds of services in the maritime, oil & gas, construction and real estate sectors. We develop business proposals for capital projects that require funding.
  • Vessel leasing and Brokerage: We maintain a robust network of Vessel and Boat owners, hence we provide Anchor Handling Tug Boats, Security Escort Vessels, Crew Boats and Marine Barges. Our brokerage always wins you the best daily rates.
  • Safety and PPE Supplies: We produce and supply in-country (Nigerian) manufactured and branded safety coveralls. The safety coveralls are both fire retardant and non-fire retardant. We also provide fire safety equipment like fireproof tarpaulin, fire extinguishers and fire jackets, etc.

SME Business Support

We help small and medium businesses to achieve sustainable growth quickly as possible leveraging available technology and expert services. From experience, we have developed relevant tools and operational framework that expedite SME business processes and give them opportunity to survive and thrive.  Our solutions include:

  • Business Plan Writing: We develop business plans for aspiring entrepreneurs and new businesses. We also develop strategic business plans for existing businesses which want to simulate growth, expand or re-adapt itself. We are proud to have developed over 15 business plans that won grants, financing and helped to reposition organizations.
  • Digital Marketing and Automation (SaaS): We make digital marketing accessible and convenient for small businesses. We also promote proprietary marketing automation system that helps businesses personalize marketing information based on customer intelligence and uses multiple digital channels to reach the customer. This system can result up to 700% lead generation and over 200% increase in sales
  • Market Research/ Feasibility Studies: We undertake market research and feasibility studies for new businesses, products or services. Our reports have been proven to provide the guide for business decisions to be made. Our submissions are based on analysis of both financial and non-financial data.


  • Business Advisory/ Consulting: We provide advisory and consulting services to enlighten organizations on how to solve problems that may hamper their positioning and profitability. Situations are either generic or specific to the organization, but we continue to employ our SADDIE™ methodology to find the best course of action for the situation.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Training: We provide training that improve employee and management performance within the organization. Our trainings can be company specific, otherwise, they are designed for select organization which may find them useful. The trainings covers the areas of strategic planning, business leadership, marketing, business writing and communications etc. All our trainings have a money back guarantee.